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Do You Know Google Cloud Technology helped Gareth Southgate pick up his Euro 2020 squad ??

The Euro 2020 tournament is back! The 24 strongest sides from all over Europe are ready to lock horns against each other from 11th June, 2021. But it is the English side that holds the competitive edge over other teams thanks to its use of Google Cloud technology. Gareth Southgate is using a tailored player performance software to pick his squad for the tournament, working with Google Cloud to analyze every detail about Southgate’s squad for Euro 2021, even letting the England boss know how well his players are sleeping at night!

Southgate and team used Big Data to choose their squad for the tournament. Players’ performances in domestic leagues over the year were analysed by the cloud making it easier for the manager to pick 28 top players.

Technology is fundamental to everything we do,” says Southgate. “Sport is still a human industry and it’s all about getting the most out of the players. But the levels of performance are so high that everyone is constantly seeking marginal gains and every sport is seeking those improvements.”

Data provides empirical evidence that can support an observation or justify a particular task.

“When a manager used to ask something, we just did it. Now players want to know why they are doing it.”

The data can be securely sent to a player’s mobile device, along with video footage, regardless of where they are located. As England manager, he only spends a few weeks each year with his team, meaning anything that enhances communication outside the international window can be invaluable. The England team also uses Google Meet video conferencing tool to hold remote meetings.

“Thankfully it is easy to use” said the England Boss and is hopeful that help from Google Cloud will be the deciding factor for his team’s performance at the tournament.

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