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Qwiklabs on YouTube: Membership with benefits

97% of people surveyed (seriously) said they use YouTube to learn new skills. Whether you’re debugging a bad database call or a leaky faucet, YouTube can help. And now, you can become a member of the Qwiklabs channel and get extra benefits to help you learn new skills. Become a member here.

Announcing YouTube Memberships on the Qwiklabs channel, the smart way to build your cloud skills.

A Qwiklabs channel membership gets you access to training content directly from Google and partners, plus every month get fresh Qwiklabs credit grants. You can use your Qwiklabs credits to follow along, or take any lab in the catalog.

Memberships start at $1.99/mo (or your local currency), which gets you 15 Qwiklabs credits (per month). That’s a $15 US value. It’s the most economical way to earn a new Google Cloud credential like this cloud security one.

Join today and get double the credits, this month only!



Get temporary lab credentials to Google Cloud Platform so you can learn cloud skills using the real thing — no simulations. From 30–90 minutes, from intro to expert level, with topics like machine learning, security, infrastructure, app dev, and more, we’ve got you covered.

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