Introducing Qwikly 1.5-beta

This week we unveiled Qwikly’s 1.5-beta, making it more reliable and easier than ever to turn Sketch designs into iOS apps. We added an interactive help system, brought certain features more to the forefront, and even made it easier for designers to install Xcode, a core requirement for building apps and using Qwikly.

Download Qwikly for free here.

Here’s a look at what’s new:

In-app help system

Prior to 1.5-beta, understanding every aspect of our Sketch plugin wasn’t always intuitive. Now, we’ve added a contextually aware help system that displays detailed information about every feature.

Enabling Qwikly for your existing design

Qwikly can create a new project based on a template, or you can enable Qwikly for your existing design. This feature was hidden behind a plugin menu item, but now we’ve brought it upfront in the ui.

New run widget

After talking to our users, we knew we needed to put the run button front and center instead of buried within the project settings panel.

System tab in preferences

If you try to run without having Xcode and the Command Line Tools installed, you will be prompted to resolve this issue by taking you to the the System Preferences.

What’s next?

Our next release will support more iOS components through the use of Qwikly’s Sketch symbols! We’re really excited to get that into your hands, so look for a new story talking about that update when it’s released.

Let us know what features you’d like to see supported by Qwikly in the comments below, or email me at

Till next time.