My Ode to Friday

After a good week or a bad week, Friday brings that sense of … relief and excitement.

But why do I feel this way every single Friday? One, there are several things to look forward to on Friday. The weekend. House work. The endless errands. Seriously though, Friday brings more than the required monotony.

First, I can come home and just flop my bum on the couch and not worry about anything except what’s on Netflix for the next two days.

Speaking of Netflix, are my hubby and I the only ones who have this debate on Friday night?

Sometimes, I’m adventurous and need to get out. Let my hair down and have the stresses of the week just wash over me.

Okay, the reality is that it’s not so risqué. But I do feel like a million bucks struttin’ down the street!

No matter how I feel on Friday. It just feels so damn good that it’s Friday! Now go enjoy yours.

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