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QWLA | Become a Founding Member

Join one of the fastest growing DeFi communities! The next phase of testing will include our first voting round for the fund! You have a chance to become a founding member of the QWLA Token Fund and receive a Founding Members NFT minted by the QWLA Team.

As Qawalla enters the next steps of development for Bounce Voting we are asking the community to help test the functionality of Bounce Voting. Being selected and participating in the event will have many great rewards! ( Earn part of 1,000 $QWLA Tokens, Founders NFT and Access to future voting ).

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ETFT vs Bitcoin ETF

Exchange Traded Fund Token — (ETFT) are a group of Tokens and decentralized assets that are traded or exchanged, just as a regular Token or Coin. QWLA Token enables asset holders a lower entry price for community ownership in voting over the traded fund. ETFTs can sometimes own hundreds of different assets or securities, QWLA main focus will be the future growth of blockchain. A major benefit to ETFT’s are the freedom to send / trade anywhere with the ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. QWLA will never control where / when you move your tokens.

Exchange Traded Fund Token (ETFT) will offer lower operating costs than traditional open-end Funds, flexible control, greater transparency, and better cost efficiency in wallets / accounts. Traditional market mutual funds have offered many advantages over building a portfolio one security at a time. QWLA sees the same potential benefits in Blockchain, Crypto, and Decentralized markets.

ETFs are a traditional market feature that allows all the same benefits of an ETFT but centralized.

Traditional ETFs

  • Limited access to platform you purchase from
  • Difficult to move ETF asset from one platform to another
  • No ability to send from one individual to another
  • Impacted by traditional market hours
  • Centralized
  • Transactions behind the ETF are not always public

Exchange traded fund token

  • Traditional ETF benefits
  • No market hours
  • Can be moved from exchange to exchange freely
  • Can be sent from wallet to wallet freely
  • Full fund trading transparency on the block explorer
  • Can be held in Cold storage or on the Blockchain network
  • Generally have functionality upon the network they are built



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