for lack of a better word, ‘nature’ was used but that leads to think that there can be something that isn’t nature. this is quite inaccurate. it is as if, being inside this room, we had a box and put something inside it, closed it and said that, in virtue of this isolated space created inside the closed box, it is therefore different from or even outside this room. that is what living in today’s world makes us think, i.e. we think that, just because we find ourselves inside that little closed box called modernity, we are therefore outside the room that is the living world and oppose our isolated space to it, telling ourselves that it is, not a space inside that room, but a different room altogether. that is what gives sense to the notion of ‘nature’ and related ones as ‘artificial’, or the division between nature/culture etc.

all that would lose its sense the moment we become aware of how the human world, in all its specific manifestations, is a collective mind product that was forged by the connection established through the process of adaptation to that living world, or a specific portion of it. the mind can only give a valid, i.e. effective, model to build a human world when its raw material is that living world. if that raw material is something else, for instance the model other people produced by their own contact with their specific surroundings, then this second order model is not fit to establish a human world, because every model needs as its base something living whose life is not dependent on the model itself; and every human model is something that is in itself dead, becoming alive only through the lives of those using it.

human life, then, can only be lived through a dead medium. if that medium is lacking, there is no possibility of establishing the contact with the living world, or rather, to allow that life to manifest itself through the action of those building that inert model. no paradox at all in this, for life is not opposed to death, both are part of the living movement. what could be said to be opposed to life would be anything blocking such movement.

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