I Love You All, But Some Of You Are Full Of Shit

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2 min readNov 16, 2022


irrelevant but beautiful picture of sheep.

Some guy with an emerald miners’ kickstart in his life bought a new toy, and hypocrites lost their shit.

“Ahaha, the Nazi bought Twitter, we are all doomed,” they shout. “I AM LEAVING TWITTER”, they add to their tweets.

So leave; what are you waiting for? Off you go. Go outside, walk, and do something useful with your body and mind.

People love to fight battles that have nothing to do with them. Do you think some boy or a girl in Eastern Ukraine or Sudan or Yemen cares about who bought Twitter?

Is hypocrisy the new virtue of the old world?

And then there are the “Free Speech” warriors. “Musk will save free speech!” they shout. “The end of leftist authoritarianism.”

Let me ask you, how far do you want free speech to go? When is free speech not free speech, but simply expressions of hatred? Do we let pedophiles roam free on the plane of the internet spewing their lust for the innocent? Do Nazis and Bolsheviks(Woke Left) have the right to express their hate towards humanity?

Truth is dead. No one wants it anymore. White is black and black is purple.

There is something wrong with so-called western civilisation. I know it, you know it, everyone with two cells in their brain knows it. And what do we do about it? We are being taken for a ride to the post-truth world. And it is nothing else, but a world of lies.

Whose flags are we waving, whose wars are we fighting? What are we grabbing onto and afraid to let go of?

Alan Watts said once, and I am paraphrasing here; it does not matter if the world was perfect, we would get bored of the perfection and would try to break something in that world.

Is this what we are doing, are we bored and want to see the world burning?