Prisoners, Jake Gyllenhaal And The Sanctuary of Stupidity

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3 min readFeb 22, 2023


Rusty toys in dead leaves

There is some turmoil going on in my life from time to time. Just a bit, nothing unmanageable. As long as I remember to step back (mentally) and observe from that position, the turmoil is (almost)painless. Like a wild horse after the feed. It’s calm but no one knows when it will kick off again.

We watched a film yesterday — Prisoners. A dark story about maniacs stealing children. Well, the story is a bit deeper than that, but I leave it for you to watch the film if you haven’t seen it yet. Jake Gyllenhaal is an excellent actor who can transform his acting into any role possible.

After watching the film I took the dog for a quick night walk on the back streets of suburban London. I imagined that the maniacs are following me, lurking from behind, waiting for the right moment to strike.

If you let the imagination roam freely it can take you to dark places no one should go to. Or they should. Perhaps some of us need to see the dark corners of our own psyche. That way we know that we carry the madness within us at all times. It just happens; we can manage it. We can keep an eye on it.

When my imagination settled down a bit and I could think I realised that we, humanity, let the worst ones run this planet. They are like those maniacs, children's snatchers. Damaged beings are running this planet and we are allowing them to do so. They express their madness in increasingly crazier ways by implementing crazier rules, and we accept it. As fighter rolls with punches, we accept them and roll with them.

And then a question arises — who are the mad ones? Them or us? Psychopaths in charge are crazier than the layperson getting on with forever crumbling livelihoods or vice versa?

Is stupidity a reflection of madness? I think it is. Is the dullness and ignorance madness?

For the last three years, it was obvious that we were lied to. The lies were so deep that they managed to lock us in our houses without us asking any questions. When the story of injections (you get infected even if you had it) proved that they lied the slowly simmering war in the centre of Europe became a full-blown war. It’s like they kept the conflict slowly burning and when the correct moment came murderous Volodia remembered that there are nazis in Ukraine. How convenient. So now we have a full-blown war in the heart of Europe. Have you heard anyone talking about the peace lately? An immediate cessation of the murder of innocent civilians on both sides? No one is talking about that anymore. Instead, they talk about more “logs in a dangerous fire.”

The majority of us just sit wrapped in blankets watching BBC and saying nothing. What can you say when you are watching Maslow’s pyramid crumbling? So who is the mad one in this scenario? The psychopaths that run this planet or we, the commoners, who are letting them get away with murder?

Is stupidity a new sanctuary of a dull mind?