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Taking Care Of Yourself To Get Ahead In Life

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So much has changed in the world over the last god knows how many months, but the one thing that remains true, even after the world was shut down by a global pandemic, is that the only way to get ahead in life is to take care of yourself!

If you are not born a person who can burn the candle at both ends, have tried it because of all of the hype around it and then failed, its probably because you just don’t operate that way.

It is not because you don’t get shit done, you just need to get it done your way and most companies don’t like that and dismiss great people thinking that they have no work ethic. In actuality, these folks work just as hard as those who are putting in18 hours days, they are just doing it in a way that works for them.

I feel that when I have done what I need to do to make sure that my mind is right, I can crank out hours worth of work in half the time it would normally take. I am also more creative and in tune with my coworkers by adding in time to take care of the only me I have to give to to others.

If we look at our days, for most of us, they are serving others in some capacity. Whether it is helping customers, helping those that help customers, working on making sure things are performing well for a board, helping people in medical situations, taking care of our families, we are spending most of our days taking care of others. Not Ourselves.

Making sure that we are the best that we can personally be when we show up for the day has to be made a priority by both ourselves and for those companies that we work for. Look at some of the large retail stores out there around the world — some of them start the day with large group pep talks, some start the day with a light workout to get the body moving and the mind dialed in for the day.

When we feel good about ourselves, both physically and mentally, we take care of others better. This is how we succeed in life, this is how we get ahead of the pack. Taking care of others is both part of our everyday lives as well as what we do everyday for work.

I will say that this, personally, is not an easy task. Making sure to put your self first for the greater good of those around and yourself via those that you help.

It can be a hard process to start as well. For some there is no support system behind them as they break from their normal routine to one that they are trying out in order to better themselves. Even if you have an army behind you, supporting your journey you are till the one that has to do the work and make the changes that you need. You need to be your biggest cheerleader in the life and get yourself right but also remember to giver yourself time, change does not happen over night.

Try going to bed by setting intentions for the next day and see what happens. You get up at a new early hour and get that workout in or you don’t, if you don’t you try again the next day and so on and so forth. You keep going until you have created some new habits for yourself and have changed the way you look at life without even knowing it has happened.

Just remember that by taking care of yourself first puts at an advantage over the vast majority of people that don’t. You are the most important person when it comes to success and making shit happen so why not act that way.




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