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The Games Life Plays With us

Photo by Emad Kolahi on Unsplash

Life is so whimsical! Nothing and no one ever gets to escape its caparicious fanciful games except the unborn and the dead. But then, who knows if they are exempt? Maybe they aren’t!

Regardless of whether we believe or don’t believe in god, fate, luck or destiny, don’t we all tend to feel how ‘something’ else appears to be mysteriously controlling our lives, keenly observing us, playing with us, jesting with us…




Sense that no longer makes sense to us, or follies that do. Answers that raise more questions in their wake. Questions that lead to more curiosities. And wisdom that only tells us how little we know! R Blogs promises to offer new perspectives on how we look at our world.

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Ratna Srivastava

Ratna Srivastava

Author of Emit Eht (Science-Fiction/Metaphysical and Visionary Romance) Children’s Author, Thinker, Philosopher. Editor R Blogs, R Quotes.

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