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The Love we’re all in Love With

Do we love or do we love the idea of love?

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We human beings are great at loving; And we’re even greater at loving love. Not only are we nature’s ultimate masterpiece in visual, physical and emotional aspects of love, we also give this particular emotion much more importance, attention and thought than anybody else. No other species can beat us humans at our art of love.




Sense that no longer makes sense to us, or follies that do. Answers that raise more questions in their wake. Questions that lead to more curiosities. And wisdom that only tells us how little we know! R Blogs promises to offer new perspectives on how we look at our world.

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Ratna Srivastava

Ratna Srivastava

Author of Emit Eht (Science-Fiction/Metaphysical and Visionary Romance) Children’s Author, Thinker, Philosopher. Editor R Blogs, R Quotes.

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