An old french city

After Ottawa, I went to Quebec city in Quebec. There are a lot of forts there ,so we went up a hill to one of the hills, we saw some really cool canyons that are real.

The street I saw on the fort

On the fort, I saw a street that has many people walking on the sidewalk, cars on the middle of the street, buildings standing side by side, I also saw the river on the end of the road, it was a amazing site! Also, at night, we went to a church, if you ever saw the movie “Catch me if you can” you may think the church looks familiar to you. That is because, at the end of the movie, when Carol went to France to capture Frank Abagnale, who is making a lot of fake checks. There is a church in the background, and that is the church I went to. The church is actually in Canada, not France. If you watched the movie, had you been fooled?

The church

In Quebec, there are old buildings, and there is an old kind of transportation there too — The horse wagon. But of course, it is not that kind of transportation for people to go from one place to another. It is just for fun. You have to pay to take a ride on a horse wagon.

Horse wagon

I saw many of them on the road. It was the first time I ever seen a horse wagon on the road, it was so cool! Can you imagine it? A horse — on the road! But I think you can imagine it, because there is a picture on the left. Ha ha ha.

After that, we went to a building, you may think, “ Why would you want to go to a building?” That is because it is no ordinary building. On one side of the wall, there is a very big mural called “The Murals of Quebec City.”

The Mural of Quebec City

The Mural is painted by four artists. Hélène Fleury, Marie-Chantal, Lachance, and Pierre Laforest. They started in 1999 and finished in 2008. To me, the Mural looks very real to me, all the things the people are doing in the mural may happen in real life. There are many other murals there, but this one is the most famous.

The next day we are leaving Quebec City. We are going to are next stop, Montreal. it is also in Quebec. Just as we are going to the train station, we found out that one of the road was blocked. Soon we found out that it was Quebec day, and there will be an army marching in the parade. We thought it was cool, so we stayed a little longer before we go to the train station.

The army was just like the ones in London. They have a red uniform, Black boots and hat. The hats were special, they are tall and hairy, and when they put them on, they almost cover their eyes! The interesting part is one of them has a goat with him! I like the horns on the goat best, because it is bright gold! We left the parade early because we need to get to the train station, or we will miss our train to Montreal, but I sure will miss the old Quebec city.