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10 Compelling Content Ideas Before You Finish Your Coffee

A secret (not so secret) recipe for a super brainstorm session!

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This is my super secret (not so secret) recipe to brainstorm 10 compelling content ideas before that fresh brewed coffee turns cold!

I call this nifty trick the 3–2–1 method.




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I developed the Business EQ Method to aid Copywriters, Business Owners, Marketers, UX Copywriters, Consultants and Coaches based on a 3 step EQ Method.    Emote   - Thoughts - How are your prospects feeling about their current circumstances, without your service, product or solution?      Experience   - How does your solution bridge the gap between their pain and your solution? What is their experience based on where they would like to be? Think demos, experiential videos and free calls as an example    Self-perception   - How can you communicate through imagery, tone, copy, etc a better self-awareness for yourself, teams, copywriter to truly connect and make the buying process seamless? - think case studies, reports, frequently asked questions, and Q & A’s    Projection   - Hw can you help to project your audience to a better ‘state’ by your engagement,  ? think before and after pics, carefully eq crafted messaging  New Reality - How do your services and products do this? Think before and after pictures, roadmaps and run-throughs, and case studies.    Connect   - Empathy in focusing on their results rather than the features of your product or service     Convert  - Convert - The Bridge to a better reality - Current pain, Lack of (intended desire), No results, Failed attempts & Lack of resources

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