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When we complain about bad luck

Do you see that bold adventurous snail sauntering lazily on the car-wheel? I guess it is cursing it’s bad luck on not finding any familiar juicy greens. Does it even know what bad luck it might be running into should the car-wheel suddenly decide to move?

We humans are also like that. We love to lament our bad luck rather frequently before we even realise how lucky we’ve been…!



I just write my thoughts. I raise some questions and answer some, open some eyes and close some, and wonder why people find life so hard when it is so simple and oh so beautiful! Come. Enter my world of thoughts. You may have to lose your way in order to find your way out.

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Ratna Srivastava

Author of Emit Eht (Science-Fiction/Metaphysical and Visionary Romance) Children’s Author, Thinker, Philosopher. Editor R Blogs, R Quotes.