Today we’d proudly like to announce an upcoming AMA on Crypto Monsters Community Telegram. We will be launching onto BSC as part of our initial efforts existing as a cross-chain token. If anyone would like to dive deeper into this with us please join us on the 1st of May at 14:00 UTC on Crypto Monsters Community.

If you happen to speak Arabic and would like more Arabic speakers to hear about the project, please join us for this AMA. It will be translated afterward for speakers of both English and Arabic to read over!

Crypto Monsters Community Telegram —



Recharge Finance (R3FI)

R3FI is a new and improved iteration of the original RFI protocol with a smaller supply of 5 million tokens in total. The ETH smart contract ensures a 5% trading fee that is automatically distributed among all token holders. R3FI is by the community for the community!

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