Adapting one of nature’s best ideas: How the Egloo warms your home for pennies a day

There are only a handful of products out there, where form really follows function. Looking around us to get a clue and seeing what mother nature has been able to do, seems so obvious to me.

One of the most astounding things I’ve been around as a little kid was the Igloo — I loved sitting in these wonderful snow houses, giving shelter and warmth just by preserving the body heat of people and without any use of electricity or fossil fuels.

Then, a couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a concept by a company called Egloo. As the name suggests, they were using the very simple Igloo concept and converted it into a fantastic little heater. Once again, the basic principle of its form allows for a product that’s super-efficient, costing only pennies to operate.

Now, after endless hours of refining, the Egloo is hitting markets and we all can lay our hands on the warming little terracotta dome — right on schedule before winter is coming(if you live in the southern hemisphere).

To explain the final version of the Egloo let’s see what the inventors have to say about it:

Egloo is conceived for contrasting continuous waste of electricity used for warming domestic environment, offering, as a option, a candle-powered way that provides a cheaper and more ecological energy, taking advantage of features of terracotta that stores the heat and slowly and gradually releases it by radiation, even after it blows out.

Using only four candles, the Egloo can heat a room up to 90 square feet in size, warming up those spaces that just refuse to get toasty. Egloo is ready to go in 5 minutes after lighting the candles. Gradually, after about 30 minutes, the space around the heater will climb 10 degrees, which makes it the perfect solution and companion for chilly rooms during the cold weather.

The terracotta warms up and retains heat thanks to a few candles placed under the dome. According to the manufacturer, the Egloo is composed of just four elements: “the base, the grill and the two domes. The base offers a space for the positioning of the candles that, once you light them up, will warm the domes up. There is a metal grill placed on the base, serving as a support for the domes. It makes a space to let the air in, necessary for the combustion of the candles.” (keep in mind to buy only natural, non-toxic candles)

The average duration of five hours should be ample enough time to warm up any room you need, of up to 20mq. Each refill of the dome costs less than 10cent and the very compact shape can virtually adapt to all places, weighing 1kg.

The lovely heater is 3D-printed, offering a variety of different colors and finishes — like matte black, lacquered purple or simple terracotta — with the latter model called Egloo Natural starting at 60 Euro or roughly 54 dollars.

I’m going to get one and wrap my hands around the warm dome, reminding me of the ever so warming memories of my childhood.

This article was originally published on pionic.
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