Being Hear Or The Answer On How To Reconnect To Our Soul By Listening To The Sounds Of Nature

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Just as the color green represents the most eye-pleasing of its kind, so plays the sound of nature the most endearing and beautiful ambient noise of them all.

People who had the opportunity to visit one of the few remaining places untouched by the ‘excessive industrial riot’ of humanity, know about the magical experience — the sound of nature becomes the sound of silence and leaves a lasting impression on your very soul.

Emmy award-winner, US sound recordist and self-proclaimed acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton pursuits these moments, trying to capture the essence of nature’s sounds.

Nature provides vast opportunities to attach oneself to its fascinating and multi-faceted soundscapes if you just care to listen… and listening, according to Gordon Hempton, has become a dying art.

In Being Hear, he literally dares and encourages all of us to actively try and follow his footsteps. Recorded at the National Park on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, Hempton presents a unique way of listening to the sounds of the United States’ only remaining continental rainforest.

Silence, as he puts it, “is the think tank of the soul.”

He becomes both, a true wordsmith and marvelous filmmaker and reminds us that only by slowing down, taking the time to relax and meditate we can return to our own inner sounds.

The award winning short film is part of the National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase. You can watch the full version of Being Hear here. To experience the full range of nature’s orchestra, headphones are highly recommended.