Heating up an epic conflict: Katee Sackhoff and Lance Henrikson officially joined SyFy’s The Machine

Syfy announced it had ordered yet another TV series based on a very interesting science fiction plot involving killing androids. This time they put their chips on the 2013 film ‘The Machine’ starring Caity Lotz and the now fearless Pirate Captain Toby Stephens.

According to Deadline, a fantastic cast has also been finalized as some highly respected names have joined the exciting project set in a world on the verge of domination by artificial intelligence.

None other than Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and legendary Lance Henriksen (Aliens) joined the cast of The Machine as human beings and supercomputers (voice-acting). With an interesting plot and great actors assured, the TV show might excel to become something special.

It should at least be on your shortlist and until then, you can check out the movie.

This article was originally published on pionic.