Rare Air: How The Molekule System Produces The Purest Air For Your Home

The Protomolecule is part of The Expanse’s mystery and even took on human form, so the sci-fi addicts among us know about its power. Seriously, the word molecule has been on a lot of people’s mind. Even though it has a different kind of power and looks like a bigger, more polished or stylish version of Amazon’s Echo, this Molekule deserves its name and very own spelling.

In case you “missed the waves it made” in the last couple of months, the Molekule is a smart and home device on a mission to purify the air. In fact, it’s the world’s first air purifier and has been in development for almost 20 years. Luxury car brands may already sport similar systems for their vehicles, but there’s nothing that comes close to your actual living rooms.

Microscopic pollutants are causing massive harm and according to the EPA contaminate indoor air 5 times as much as outdoor air, resulting in a whole variety of health issues.

The Molekule system has a unique approach of not just capturing pollutants, but eliminating them outright by a disassembling process that leaves nothing but the harmless, basic elements. The magic behind the process is called Photo Electrochemical Oxidation or PECO, which basically relates to a nanoparticle-coated filter that is activated by light and has also been funded by the EPA and Department of Defense.

Purifying the air this way is something, that not even your most advanced High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA) can do. So, in case you are interested in the technology behind the Molekule, you can do that on their website.

For those that missed the pre-sales event — and at $499 the Molekule didn’t come cheap — you should join the wait list to still get one from the 5th batch as the limited numbers of units available literally sold like hotcakes.

This article was originally published on pionic.