The magical device that lets you feel the weather forecast

If you’re like most people then you still rely on the weather forecast even though it seems to become less accurate these days. You check it out on TV and probably a couple of times on your mobile device.

That’s all nice and handy, but sometimes you still have to go back inside to pick up an umbrella or sport another outfit. So, wouldn’t it be nice to actually feel the weather outside to make better decisions? This is what imaginative concept designer Ellie Zeng had in mind when she was creating the compact microclimate device. It’s intended to forecast and mimic the current weather and actually lets you feel the raindrops falling or the sun shining before you venture outside.

The concept is split into 2 sections, with the upper part featuring visual indicators similar to the apps on your daily driver. You’ll have the typical icons of a sun, clouds, rain or snow whereas, near the bottom, a magical transformation happens. The microclimate lets you feel a gentle breeze, ice crystals or raindrops and emits just the right amount of temperature. The device displays a whole week so that you can experience what the days will be like… should you stay inside or follow the sun.

The next logical step would be to take the weather with you in a more compact design approach, but you can be sure that Ellie Zeng is already at it.

This story was originally published on pionic.
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