The WaterSeer: Transforming lives and futures with the power of pure water

Pure and simple solutions to pressing human needs tend to be seen as deceptions, a hoax deluding people, but sometimes — the simplest answer is likely the best one. Just imagine for a while that thousands of people have to die from a lack of clean water or no access to water at all, most of them being children and elderly.

Wouldn’t a simple solution be the best way to serve a community dying of thirst? VICI-Labs closely worked with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association to come up with a beautiful concept shaped like an orchard called the WaterSeer™.

This new device solely relies on the simple natural process of condensation and collects clean water directly from the atmosphere. The promise is to provide up to 37 liters or approximately 10 gallons of pure and safe drinking water without any external power source. The way this innovative device is build, could make it run perpetually — potentially forever — gifting communities in need access to water, even and foremost in areas of harsh climate or lack of adequate infrastructure.

Water Seer is powered by yet another simple concept. A wind turbine makes this device easy to maintain, if at all and probably marks the first step toward a sustainable, enduring solution to water shortages around the world. This is done by planting the device six or more feet into the ground and having soil packed around its ‘metal neck’.

The whole process starts with the vertical wind turbine spinning internal fan blades, drawing air into the subterranean chamber. The surrounding earth will cool down the underground chamber and the water condenses in a special reservoir creating some sort of an artificial well. People can then directly draw the clean and safe drinking water whenever they want to, without any chemicals to purify it.

Built as a low-cost device VICI-Labs believes this to be one possible solution for the 2.3 million people on the planet who lack regular access to safe drinking water. Because there’s no need for an external power supply, a collection of several devices could provide enough water to support a small village.

On top of that and as a company not aiming for profit on life changing devices a WaterSeer will be donated to people living in developing countries or arid climates, matching each purchased (US only) unit.

They recently launched an Indiegogo campaign with a flexible goal and raised an additional $333,911. This will ensure building “orchards” of water collection devices around the world.

So far, all tests of the prototype have been a success and the final revision to the model has been applied in August 2016. The WaterSeer will now undergo more field tests with the National Peace Corps Association and hopefully bring areas in need back to life with this beautiful and simple solution!

This article was originally published on pionic.
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