Zencube: The LED Salt Lamp That’s Helping You Breathe Easier To Find Enlightment

Zen equals enlightenment attained through meditation, self-contemplation and intuition. So it’s no wonder that this beautiful ‘reincarnation’ of a Himalayan salt lamp has been labeled Zencube. Not only are salt lamps known for a multitude of health benefits, they are also the perfect companion at home to all the unseen negative effects of technology around us.

Breathe easy, sleep well and recharge. The Zencube contains the natural air purification of traditional salt lamps boxed within a sleek and modern square design. The system follows an all-in-one approach and is connected to an app. It literally enlightens you by changing colors to reflect your mood. There’s even an option to add essential oils to its membrane.

Finally, its LED bulb uses 90% less energy than a conventional halogen bulb, so that you could use the soft, ambient mood lighting for your daily meditation routine. In an act of self-contemplation the Zencube comes up with a design that, on top of all that, will not melt or get sticky like traditional salt lamps.

This article was originally published on pionic.