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Rabbit Finance Roadmap of the 1st Half of 2022

2022 Q1

  • <Rabbit vs. Zombie> The “Ultimate Boss” will be launched.
  • <Rabbit vs. Zombie> The “Equipment Rush’’ will be launched. Each character NFT card can buy one equipment per week, and RABBIT purchasing will be supported.

2022 Q2

  • RabbitDAO will be empowered continuously
  • RabbitDAO revenue pool will be launched, Pool for third-party projects and projects incubated by Rabbit Finance, as PancakeSwap syrup pool
  • RabbitDAO Cross-chain deployment plan announcement

2022 Q3 &Q4

Given the rapid growth of the DeFi industry, we will release our Q3 and Q4 roadmap before the end of Q2 based on market conditions.

For more project progress and latest news, please join Rabbit Finance community.

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Rabbit Finance is a leveraged trading protocol based on lending and borrowing functions. Lending and borrowing, leveraged yield farming and margin trading are the core functions online at present, while more products such as options, synthesis assets and NFT will be launched.

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Rabbit Finance

Rabbit Finance

Sheer Leveraged Yield Farming Pleasure

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