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<Rabbit Vs. Zombie> Magic Box Reward Rate and Synthesis Rules Adjusted

Since <Rabbit Vs. Zombie> went live, a cumulative total of 26,000 Rabbit Heroes NFTs have been minted. The community has provided many excellent suggestions along with active participation. In order to respond to the needs of the community and to motivate community participation, we are going to carry out the following adjustment.

1. Magic Box Reward Rate Improved

Open a Magic Box for NFT Card Reward Distribution Rules updated, the community will have more opportunities to get “good” rarity Rabbit Hero NFT cards. This adjustment will greatly enhance the community user experience of opening Magic Boxes.

The updated Reward Distribution is as follows,

2. Synthesis Rules Adjustment

NFT Card Synthesis Rules are adjusted to lower the synthesis threshold and provide a more friendly game experience. At the same time, for the long-term and stable operation of the game, the newly synthesized NFT cards will be subject to a 7-day freeze period, after which they can be used in synthesizing higher level cards.

Take the “Epic” NFT card that requires 2 “Exceptional” and 1 “Rare” cards as an example, the original 3 cards used for synthesis need to be experience level 6, now only 1 card needs to be a level 6 card, and the other 2 are no longer limited to experience level. The “Epic” NFT cards can be used to synthesize “Glory R” cards after 7 days of synthesis.

The adjusted rules are as follows,

For more details, please join Rabbit Finance community.

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Rabbit Finance is a leveraged trading protocol based on lending and borrowing functions. Lending and borrowing, leveraged yield farming and margin trading are the core functions online at present, while more products such as options, synthesis assets and NFT will be launched.

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