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<Rabbit Vs. Zombie> Tutorial

<Rabbit Vs. Zombie> is the first game on RabbitDAO platform, which is launched not long ago. It depicts the adventure and growth stories of 16 representative warriors fighting for honor and wealth from 4 clans.

What kind of game is it? How to play and earn in this game? Hope this tutorial can help you.

1. Connect Wallet

Enter the <Rabbit Vs. Zombie> application through the official website https://game.rabbitfinance.io/, connect to your wallet, MetaMask for example, to approve RS trading.

2. Get Some RS token

Go to RabbitDAO page https://rabbitdao.rabbitfinance.io/dashboard, there is a link to add RS token to your wallet and link to trade RS token on PancakeSwap.

Click Buy on PancakeSwap with button on the top of the navigation bar to jump to PancakeSwap exchange page, or search RS (0xc25b7244e192d531495c400c64ea914a77e730a2) directly on the PancakeSwap exchange page.


As 2.00 RS is needed to open a MagicBox to obtain a Warrior NFT, please assure you have prepared enough tokens.

3. Magic Box

Click on MagicBox - Approve, enter the quantity of boxes you want to open,10 boxes at 1 time maximum. And pay corresponding quantity RS and get warrior card NFT.

Open a Magic Box to summon a warrior and the contract will randomly mint a NFT among 16 warriors. Refer to the rules for details at https://rabbitfinance.gitbook.io/homepage/rabbit-vs-zombies/magic-box

4.View NFT details

After the NFT is minted out, click View to get the card information. You can also view card information through Warrior- Detail.

Card details include the Warrior’s Name/Ethnicity/NFT ID/rarity/EXP/Level/Gems/ATK.

Hints: the card will be automatically deposited to the reward pool to share RS rewards according to the ATK of your cards.

5. Snipe the Zombies

Fight against the Zombies through Zombies- Select a Warrior-Pick a Zombie- Snipe.

There are 4 Zombies optional with different win rates. The less the win rate, the more EXP gained if you win. Even if you lose, several EXP would be rewarded. EXP will be accumulated with fighting against Zombies, improving the level and increasing ATK.


a. To fight against Zombies, you do not need to withdraw the card from the reward pool.

b. Each NFT can only fight against Zombies once a time within 24 hours.

c. Higher rarity will boost the win rate.

Please refer to the rules for fighting against Zombies at


6. Gear Equipment

You will be able to buy and equip your warriors with Gears later.

Buy Gears from Market- Gear- Buy.

You can equip the card with Gears to increase ATK. There are 4 kinds of Gears to choose from with no difference in the boost for ATK.A single card can only buy one Gear per week, and the number of Gears that can be equipped are different according to rarity.

About the gear equipment rules, please refer to


7. Gathering pool and MagicBox APY

The reward you will get is determined by ATK, that is, the more ATK, the more reward.

ATK is a comprehensive result of Rarity/Level/EXP/Gear.

For details of the rules of ATK calculation, please refer to https://rabbitfinance.gitbook.io/homepage/rabbit-vs-zombies/warrior


ATK of NFT= (Rarity ATK* Rarity Bonus + Gear ATK* Gear Bonus )* (Min Lev Bonus + Lev Completion Rate* 30% )


If you have an Epic NFT with 150,000 EXP and equipped with 200 gears, the ATK will be,

(990*350%+200*115%)*{190%+((15000–7200)/10800)*30%} = 7821.08335


a. Withdraw your card from the Gathering reward pool before synthesizing updating cards or selling cards.

b. Update to the latest ATK by refresh or claim rewards as the ATK will not be added to the reward pool automatically after fighting against the Zombies or equipping Gears.

MagicBox APY

= Current annual production of 1 ATK / Cost of 1 ATK of this rarity

= (global RS annual production/ global staked ATK) / (cost of the card / initial ATK)

The acquisition cost of ATK of this card for the first three rarities is

Normal: 2 RS /10 ATK

Good: 2 RS /45 ATK

Worthy: 2 RS /140 ATK

8. Synth

NFT update can be carried out through Warrior- Synth to obtain cards with higher rarity.


Card update needs to follow certain rules:

a. The cards to be synthesized must be the same warrior NFTs and withdrawn from the reward pool;

b. 3 cards with lower rarity can be synthesized into 1 card with higher rarity. The original cards will be destroyed and a new card with higher rarity will be minted out.

c. The new card will not be automatically deposited to the reward pool. You can deposit it through Warrior- Stake.

d. Card update should meet certain conditions of rarity and level, please refer to the card update rules for details at https://rabbitfinance.gitbook.io/homepage/rabbit-vs-zombies/warrior/synth

9. NFT trading

Sell your NFT

Set the price for sale and hit the shelves through Warrior-Detail- Sell. The NFT on sale will be displayed on the Market.


Browse through the Market to choose your favorite warrior NFT.



a. The card needs to be withdrawn from the Gathering pool before being put on sale.

b. The cards on sale can be removed from the shelf through Warrior- More- Recall.

c. There is no trading fee for the buyer while 10% of the NFT value will be charged as trading fee for the seller.

For details of the rules of the Market, please refer to


For more details, please join Rabbit Finance community.

Rabbit Finance Team





Rabbit Finance is a leveraged trading protocol based on lending and borrowing functions. Lending and borrowing, leveraged yield farming and margin trading are the core functions online at present, while more products such as options, synthesis assets and NFT will be launched.

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