Your Southern Pride is My Chick Fil A

“You have never had Chick Fil A?”
“Really?! Their morals are terrible but their food is delicious.”


A few days ago, I sat with friends over a non-Chick Fil A meal and had the above exchange. By all accounts, it would seem innocuous, except for the fact that the friends I was speaking with are gay.

It wasn’t until a day after I recounted the exchange in my head and realized the gravity of my Homer Simpson moment.I might as well have said I get the best knitting yarn from Hobby Lobby.

If left to choose between a #1 combo and my awesome friends, I’d pick my friends. They are more awesome than waffle fries.

Needless to say, I have openly given money to many a Chick Fil A and, therefore, passively given money to Anti-LGBT hate groups- for years.

When I bite into Chick Fil A sandwich, am I thinking about where my money has gone? No. Should I? Yes, because passively funding hate is pretty hateful.

It’s akin to the head of the NAACP giving money to an amazing burger chain that gives charitable donations to the Klan.No burger is succulent enough to mask the aroma of hate and that brings me to the discussion of “Southern Pride”.

South Carolina has wrestled with removing the Confederate flag since the 1980's and has creatively blocked its removal with zeal and dexterity. For years, their citizens and state representatives alike have argued the flag represents their “Southern Pride” not wanting to openly admit its real history.

A history that, on a good day, simply meant you didn’t get the job you wanted and, on a bad day, you were hung for looking in the direction of a white person.

If I were a white Southerner I wouldn’t be comfortable admitting that either.

It took a young man shooting nine people because,

“ You rape our women, and you’re taking over our country, and you have to go.”

for South Carolina to face the reality of what the flag represents.

When it comes to the Confederate flag, many white & non-white Americans have lived the same history but on opposing sides.

For Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Americans, Chick Fil A is ostensibly no different.