Plan and save races with updated search views and data

When we launched a little over a month ago, we led with a map-based search engine. We quickly heard that while that was great for destination races or “race-cations”, not so good for the discoverability of local races. Nor was it helpful to sort or store races.

You’d think a bunch of googlers would get search functionality right on the first try. We didn’t :(

Today we’re launching a list view for search with refined filters to make finding your next race easier. We’ve spent countless hours cleansing and verifying data with partners to ensure that every race is accurately represented.

We know we still have work to do on that, but we are continuously committed to creating the most thorough database of endurance events.

You’ll also see ability to save and favorite races. Planning for a race takes time. And now, while you coordinate schedules and mull over your training schedule, you’ll be able to add it onto a wishlist of races so you can conveniently come back to register whenever you’re ready.

Our aim is always to make racing simpler and get more runners into the sport. We hope these tools will help that process and get you to your next race faster.

As always, we crave your feedback (good and bad) so please don’t hesitate to send your ideas to

Happy running.

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