Runners to sign their own waivers

In just a little while, the RRCA will deliver an opinion about Racepass and the legalities/liabilities questions that surround our service. We’re excited that our product is creating a conversation and that our industry is taking steps towards innovation and open dialogue. We realize not everyone was looking to have this conversation, so we appreciate everyone’s feedback and support.

Upon talks with members of the industry, it was clear that they could see the value of such an offering but the legal hurdles and insurance risks are just too high. Because of this we decided to change our approach to registration, and ensure every runner signs their own waiver instead of Racepass signing on their behalf.

Our product team is committed to getting this right and will be working to integrate directly with races and race platforms to obtain and secure individuals waivers for any and all registrations. We initially thought we could facilitate this, but after discussions with RRCA we have decided it would be best to take this action for the better of the sport.

We will be rolling out this capability later this week, we’ve suspended all race registrations until then. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

Updated: “Talks with RRCA” referenced earlier were facilitated through mutual connections and not directly with RRCA. This post has since been updated to reflect that.

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