We are up and running

It’s been a couple of days since our launch. We’ve had incredible coverage and the response has been overwhelming! Hundreds of runners are signing up every day and the concept seems to have struck a vein in hearts of runners across the country. When Tom, Thomas and I began working on this, we never dreamt that we’d have this type of reception. All of the praise and support rolling in has been really cool to see.

And yet there’s so much more to do. We only launched our MVP (minimum viable product) and admit that it’s pretty bare bones. It’s functional, you can find and sign up for races, but it’s far from pretty. Yesterday we sat as a team and scoured through the endless amount of feedback — a lot of it were feature requests already on our roadmap, so it was good to see we were mostly on the same track (no pun intended).

First thing we will tackle is better search functionality. You’d think that a bunch of Googlers would have gotten that right, right? We missed the mark and thought only a searchable map would suffice, but a list-based search that is sortable and filterable is on its way. Should ship very soon!

Once we have that, it will be easier to suggest local and destination races based on your location, interests and friends. The reason why we love running so much is because it is such a social sport and we want our product to reflect that. Imagine a news feed of races your friends were doing and then with a one-click registration or team creation you’d be right there with them!

Other feedback came around more content, control and tools for race directors. After all, they are the ones putting on these amazing events we enjoy. We’re working on a suite of tools so that race directors can add/edit their content, engage with runners and even promote their race. Our mission is to make a product that is good for runners and good for race directors. We also built a specific FAQ for race directors in case there were any other questions.

We’re still a small and growing team so bear with us as we try to get it right. We know we’re the new kids on the block with a lot of buzz so we hope we can move quickly, act on your feedback, continually improve our product and not disappoint.

And as one of the founders of the company, I will do my best to use this platform as a way to communicate and be transparent about our progress and failings. We are sure there will be many. But we have to remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint :)


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