A New Year’s Party for the Ages

My dream guest list for New Year’s Eve

Rachael Hope
Dec 26, 2019 · 4 min read
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I was tagged for this challenge by Natalie Frank, Ph.D., and I don’t usually do this kind of thing, but it was an interesting question to consider.

I admit, it is pretty difficult to limit it to five people. I’m going to assume that my best friend is also at this party, because we’re together all the time. So, who do I want to hang out with?

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

I’m counting them as one invite since the live together — it’s my post, and I make the rules! Haha. Kristen and Dax (we might as well get comfortable if we’re going to be best friends) are my favorite Hollywood couple and a little bit of an obsession. Okay, not really, but I would absolutely love to hang out with them. I listened to both of the episodes of his podcast (Armchair Expert) she was on, and they have a lot of similar ideas about relationships to me. Not only that, but they are genuinely funny and interesting people who are not afraid to admit their mistakes and laugh at themselves.


I just think that it would be really fun to hang out with Lizzo. I think she would fit right in with me and Kate, and maybe after we all became friends she would come on our podcast (coming 2020!), Not Ideal, and shoot the breeze with us. When I get super drunk, maybe she can teach me how to shake my ass, because I’m lacking in skills to get down to her songs. Most of all, I’d like to hug her (as long as she’s okay with it!) and tell her that she is doing amazing things for women, and thank her for being so unapologetically herself.

John Mulaney & Annamarie Tendler

I am certain that John Mulaney is one of the funniest people alive, and I’m just not going to invite him without also inviting his wife. You see, he’s a nice guy and he has to not leave her alone on the eve of a new decade. Besides, if he likes her, that probably means she’s cool, right? Anyways, since this is my fantasy, he would probably show up with Bill Hader. He’d be like, I hope it’s okay, Bill and I were going to hang out tonight, so I just brought him along. Best. Party. Ever.

Gillian Anderson

My love affair with Gillian Anderson began in high school, when I became obsessed with The X-Files. As I write this, a little Funko pop Scully is staring at me from underneath my computer monitor. Scully is one of my favorite characters of all time, and since then Gillian has done even more awesome stuff. Last year, I read a weird series of Sci-Fi books she wrote, and they were interesting and different. She is another strong woman who also knows how to laugh (are you sensing any themes?). I would love to hang out with her and hear about her life and what she’s up to. We would probably become lifelong friends and then I’d go visit her in London.

My cousin Emaleigh

I can’t invite Gillian Anderson and not invite my cousin Emmy. Emmy and I were co-partners in X-Files-Fandom. Exhibit A: in 1998 we assembled this insane X-Files wall in her bedroom during Christmas break:

Author on left, her sister, and cousin Emmy on the right. / Photo courtesy of author.

Yes, there are several more feet of it off to the left of frame. Yes, I still have most of the photos from it in a box in my garage somewhere. To be honest, it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever contributed to. Emmy has actually met Gillian before, when she played Blanche in Streetcar Named Desire and at at least one convention. But I need her to be there when we all finally become friends for real.

There is a method to this madness, I know some people have listed historical figures and visionaries. But what I really want surrounding me when I ring in the new year are genuinely good people who know how to have a genuinely good time. These are people I’m relatively certain that I would have a fantastic time hanging out with, but also who I will almost 100% never get the chance to hang out with. Well, except my cousin, I’ll definitely hang out with her again.

What do I imagine we would do? Probably drink a lot, play Cards Against Humanity, and laugh until our sides hurt. There would be cheese and dips and when everyone left we’d all promise to meet again next year when the ball dropped.

Sam H Arnold posed the question: It is now over to you. To the people I tagged below — Who would you invite to your party?

List five people you would invite and why. Then tag me in the response, so I can see your answers. Tag the writers you’re curious about and see who they’d invite, if they choose to play!

I’d love to hear who Shannon Ashley, Zulie Rane, Elle Beau, Octavia Morrison, Emma Austin, Vanessa Torre, Itxy Lopez, Claire J. Harris, Darcy Reeder, and ZUVA would have at their parties!

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All about living as a sex-positive person and parent, body acceptance, what it’s like to be a rad fatty, polyamory, feminism, social justice, divorce, and more. I write to connect and constantly strive to jump into hope with abandon.

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Rachael Writes

All about living as a sex-positive person and parent, body acceptance, what it’s like to be a rad fatty, polyamory, feminism, social justice, divorce, and more. I write to connect and constantly strive to jump into hope with abandon.

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