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A Whole Lot of “Meh” and a Re-Read I Fell in Love with Again.

Weekly Reading Log: August 1st-August 8th

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August has been a bit of a reading slog for me so far, with two DNF’s right off the bat. I read five books total this last week, only one receiving a five star from me and one receiving a 4.5/5.

Let’s start with the “meh” of the group:

Like a Sister by Kellye Grant-3/5

I was originally drawn to this book because of the premise. A disgraced reality star is found dead on her 25th birthday. Everyone is quick to rule this as an overdose, except for her sister, who knows she would not have been where she was found.

However, I couldn’t get into it. The family is full of famous people, especially the dad. The sisters have been estranged for a few years before the death. There is really nothing to go on except for the fact that the father has been evasive. Also, the phrase “white people” was used way too many times. I’m not for racism in any context. However, the constant use of those words made it harder to focus on anything other than the singling out.

A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw- 3/5

I read The Wicked Deep back in June as part of a marathon and really enjoyed it. So I had high hopes for this one as well.

The book centers around a search for a famous children’s book author who disappeared five years ago. The detective has a talent that if he only has one personal item of anyone, he can track that person down. This leads him to a recluse community of Pastoral. Years later, both of them are still missing.

I wanted to like this one. However, the conclusion of the search is what I didn’t buy. Erring on giving a spoiler alert, I just have a hard time believing that people completely forgot their own identities. I don’t buy that the leader of the community has as much power as he’s given credit for either.

The Fallen (The Nine Lives of Chloe King series by Liz Brazwell)- 3/5

The premise in this one is solid. A girl falls off a 200-foot building and survives, gaining supernatural powers in the process.

However, the book is very different from the premise. There are action scenes where she learns how to use her powers and escapes danger. However, the primary focus is on her love life and friends who have recently fell in love with each other.

This book read very much as a love-triangle instead of an action. The ratio is heavily in favor of high school drama and deciding between two boys.

If the book had even been a half and half, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. This may be a personal bias, I’m not the biggest fan of romances. However, I wish it would have been more on point with the premise.

The Charmed List by Julie Abe- 4.5/5

This was not on my original TBR list. It came as part of one of my subscription boxes and I thought it might be a good mix of contemporary and fantasy.

The book follows Ellie as she travels to a convention to help her parents. She is originally slated to travel with her best friend, with whom she has crafted a list of 13 things she wants to do before her senior year of high school. However, as punishment for a revenge plot gone wrong, she is forced to travel with her former friend Jack. As the trip goes on, she begins to accomplish the things on her list, as well as recultivating her friendship.

I found this one hard to put down. It was a hard start, but by page 25, I was hooked. I loved Ellie as a character- protective of her heart but also willing to still see the good in Jack. I felt sympathy for Jack- who lost his mom around the same time he stopped talking to Ellie. I found the storyline to be a mix of real-world practical events as well as magical ones.

It also reminded me a lot of the Ex Hex with the exception that the characters here are teenagers instead of adults.

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston- 5/5

I originally read this as part of the “Clear Ur Sh*t” readathon, which happens every November and December. There was a choice between One Last Stop and They Never Learn as a kind of group read- one that everyone must complete. I fell in love with it and acquired a copy in April.

I wanted to re-read this book as a way to re-connect with the characters I came to love last year. It delivered on my anticipation and more, making me love it even more as I picked up on things that I had not previously. \

In short, this book is about August, who is cynical and doesn’t believe in love. She moves to New York and encounters a girl on the train who she quickly falls in love with, Jane. However, Jane has a secret. She’s from the 70s and bound to never leave the railway. Autumn begins to help her to remember things from her past that might hold a clue to why she’s stuck on the train.

On to the Second Week of August

I have quite a few books left for this month. While I’m not planning an exact order, I am currently reading A Court of Thornes and Roses by Sarah J. Maas (and enjoying it!). I plan to turn to both Ninth House as an audiobook and The Stardust Thief as a physical copy next.

What are you currently reading? Any good books from the first week of August?



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