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My Reading Goals for 2022

Going beyond that coveted Goodread’s number

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Happy New Year! When setting goals, it’s important to consider what we want as well as what we need to do. To set goals for hobbies. Especially if you’re looking to progress or get more into a hobby or interest.

I have always loved books, but for years, they were a backburner activity. I, like many, had burned out as a college student. After studying for my English degree, I wanted to do more than just read for hours a day. I spent seven years away, lucky if I finished 30-50 books in a year. The pandemic changed that for me. While living in lock-down, I reached a long-time goal of reading 100 books. I did it again in 2021, while also joining several readathons (dedicated time to finish a set amount of time and challenge yourself), and interacted with other book lovers through Instagram and Twitter.

Last year led me to want to be more involved, both in reading and writing about reading. To get better at writing reviews, writing about what gems of books I’ve found and even completing things like Top Ten Tuesday.

These are the goals that I’ve set for this year:

Read 75 books

I wanted a goal that was somewhat between a busy year and a slower year with lots of time to read. Even with mask policies and places around me closing due to COVID, I’m hopeful that life will open back up sometime this year. There are a few things that I want to participate in this year and other hobbies I want to explore. So, I’ve cut back from the previous two years. If I get beyond 75, it’ll just be icing on the cake.

Limit Monthly To-Be-Read to 15

Preferably less. I’ve had months of reading over 20 books. They do expose you to a lot of different literature or help you power through a longer series. However, when reading large quantities, I wasn’t taking the time to document what I was reading. I spent hours reading and I can’t remember any of it. Three books per month (or 12 total) gives me time to think, write, to create . I’d rather read fewer and be able to remember than read more and forget everything.

Purchase a Maximum of Four Books Per Month

My shelves are overstocked and my physical books are not read list is long. I want to focus on what I have: reading and making a choice of whether to keep or clear out. Purchasing more adds to the problem. I love new books, so I decided to strike the compromise of allowing four books to come in. Mostly, this will be in the form of subscription boxes. I would ideally like to donate a book for every book I bring in.

Spend More Time Jotting Down a Recap and Thoughts on Each Book, as Well as Annotate

I want to read actively again and interact with the words that it took the author years to write. There is a lot that can be learned from good writing as well as bad writing. There’s also a benefit to close reading in a variety of topics and genres.

I’ve tried tab annotating and it doesn’t work for me. Most of the time the tabs fall out. So, I want to try a few methods and find what works. I love the idea of putting thoughts at the end of the chapter, highlighting and writing in my journal thoughts and responses.

Whether I review a book publicly, I want to write a mini-review in my journal for each book I read. Even the ones I do not finish (DNF).

Finish the Around the Year 52 Book Challenge

I’ve had my eye on this challenge since I came across it in 2018. I love the variety of prompts and how some of them will push me out of my comfort zone. It’s time to take it on and finish it.

Have No More than 5 Ongoing Series

I’m guilty of beginning a series and stopping after the first or second book. This year, I want to focus more on finishing the series I start, which means limiting the number and not starting another until the one I”m reading is over.

My Current Series:

  • Duology of Wintersong and Shadowsong
  • Cursebreaker series
  • White Rabbit Chronicles
  • Duology of Kingdom of the Wicked and Kingdom of the Cursed
  • The Immortal Series
  • Dark Tower Series

I’m beginning the year with more series than I want to be in the process of. I’m grateful that I only have one book for each of the duologies, which means I’ll be down to five by the end of January. From there, it will just be keeping the number limited.

Read More Essay Collections and Non-Fiction

As much as I love reading fiction, I write more poetry and essays. I’ve developed the practice of reading poetry each day. However, I’d also like to read and study more of the work that is related to what I want to write.

Write and Create More

I want to be more consistent both my bookstagram, aiming to post once per day and to write at least one review and two other book posts a week.

My bookish goals for 2022 go beyond the number and into the study of the craft. What are your reading goals for the year? Let me know in the comments.



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