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Weekly Reading Log #1

January 1st-7th

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It’s hard to believe that the first week of the new year is over! From the pressure of which book will be the first to finishing four books, this week was chock full of enjoyment.

The first book of the year. I’ve always felt a little bit of pressure around which book will be the first and the last. This year, I chose two: a book for a readalong that I’m doing as well as a meaty non-fiction that I’m reading in bits and pieces.

The City of Bones

my rating: 4.5/5

illustration from the 10th Anniversary of City of Bones, photo taken by the author


Clary can see beings that not everyone else can see. While visiting club Pandamonium, she witnesses a murder where the body vanishes into thin air. It’s her first encounter with the Shadowhunters, a secret society with the mission of ridding the world of demons. Within 24 hours, Clary is pulled into their world after a demon attacks and captures her mother. Why can she see beings that few others can? Why are demons interested in her mother and her?

My Thoughts:

This book has a nice medium pace as it reveals secrets both about Clary and the society she is about to join. It unfolds the story of why Clary can see these beings and the memory lock on her brain. There is a wide cast of characters presented- it’s best to make a list! This was the perfect book to start the new year with.

Thrones and Bones: Frostborn

My rating: 4/5

photo taken by author


Karn is the son of the head of a large farm. He has one great love: playing a board game called Thrones and Bones. It pervades his thoughts and is the one thing that he is able to focus on.

Thianna is a half-blooded frost giant who despises her human half.

During a trading trip with his family, his uncle tells him the story of a sea captain and tricks him into knocking on the door of his burial site three times.

This indicates a challenge, either with a weapon already brought or one of the sea captains. His uncle then warns his father that he is in danger and his father goes out to face the undead sea captain and is captured by him.

Karn’s uncle warns him to flee, and along the way he meets up with Thianna, who is running to protect her family from the human half clan that is searching her out.

It’s going to take her speed and survival skills as well as his game-playing ability to survive on their own.

My Thoughts

A mix of adventure, friendship, and high stakes make this book memorable. Need for survival in the middle of winter bonds these friends as they learn how to rely on each other. Identity and accepting oneself is a big theme here. Definitely worth a read.

The Girl From the Sea

My rating: 4/5


Fifteen-year-old Morgan likes to keep her life in different categories, with none of them touching. Her dream is to get away from the small sea-side town she lives in.

When she falls in love with a female selkie (the one seal that can turn into a human every seven years), keeping things separate becomes complicated. Especially as Morgan’s friends start a boating business which will directly affect the location of the seals. Which side will Morgan choose and can she keep the different areas of her life secret?

My Thoughts

I absolutely loved this young adult graphic novel. The story is compelling as Morgan has a lot of choices to make- whether to choose friends or love. How to keep her love secret. Will she be able to keep everything she so desperately wants, however?

The Alchemist

my rating: 4/5


A young boy seeks counsel from a gypsy after having a recurring dream. He then sets out on a quest where he meets both a priest and an alchemist, both of whom will teach him the secrets of the universe and the importance of listening to his heart and his personal legend- his deepest desires.

My Thoughts:

This very short book is packed with wisdom. It encourages the reader to let their heart be their guide and to chase their dreams seriously.

The Invention of Murder

In progress, page 68/466

photo taken by author


a study of both famous and obscure murders in the 19th century. Murder is rare, but it is also sensationalized with the dead’s belongings being sold off, plays being produced, novels being written and the sell of other popular printed materials.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been enjoying this book so far. It was surprising to me the extent to which murder was taken in the Victorian Age. Every time I sit down with this book, I learn something new. It’s a good book for any Victorian period or true crime lover.

Final Thought

I’m happy with the variety presented here. From urban fantasy to the Victorian age. So far this year, I have not read a book that I wouldn’t recommend or that I dislike. I’m hopeful that this will be an ongoing trend. In the future, I will discuss any books I choose to not finish.

Finally, it’s difficult for a book to earn a full five stars from me. It has to be a mind-blowing and impactful read to get my five-star review. That means that all of these books were really great.




Books are my happy place. With this publication, I'm looking forward to writing about my reading journey and the gems I find along the way. Whether that is a list of books that fit a certain theme, a review of a single book or just bookish thoughts.

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