“Thank God I’m White” Is An Admission That White Skin Is All You’ve Got

Racism is a scam to let losers think that without any actual talent they’re automatically better than somebody else

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[NOTE: This is a heavily revised version of a column I originally published on August 18, 2017]

By David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

Real Success Is Based On Talent, Not Cosmetics

When Tiger Woods blew up the world of golf, he didn’t go around saying, “I did it because I’m black” because his talent was real, not cosmetic.

When Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook he didn’t say “I was successful because I’m Jewish” because he knew that his religion had nothing to do with his talent or his success.

What Real Success Have The Racists Earned?

If you studied the people who make up the racist, white supremacist, neo-Nazi movement what would you find?

  • Have any significant percentage of them done anything admirable?
  • Have they invented anything, built anything, discovered anything, created anything?
  • Have they risen to the top levels of business, academia, whatever, on some extraordinary level of talent or intelligence?
  • Have they proven that they’re superior to non-white people?

Not even a little.

The sad truth is that the color of their skin is all that most of them have, and they didn’t even earn that. Beyond that accident of birth most of them have no real accomplishments that would prove that they are superior because of their race.

Racism Is A Scam That Lets Losers Pretend They’re Winners

If you’re a no-talent Joe Sixpack and you want to feel more important than you deserve, then it’s an easy cheat to claim: “I’m great because I was born white and you weren’t. Everybody in the line ahead of me who’s not a white Christian, step out so that I can move, way, way ahead without doing anything to earn it.”

Racism is just a scam to let ordinary people think that without having any real talent they’re automatically better than someone who happens to look different than they do.

The kid who comes in last tries to make himself feel better by showing everybody his participation trophy.

“White skin,” is the racist’s participation trophy for membership in the human race.

Racism Is A Cheap Path To Political Power

In the late 1920s Germany was a mess.

Hitler recognized the population’s feelings of defeat, fear, inferiority, and depression. They felt like a bunch of losers. If he could make them feel proud again he use that to gain great political power.

His answer was racism: “You’re the best just because you’re you. And by the way, the Jews are the worst just because they’re them. Give me power and I’ll get rid of them for you.”

It cost the Germans nothing. It took no real effort, no work, no sacrifice, no accomplishments, no talent. Nobody had to do anything.

It required no proof, just a few words — “Whites are great and Aryan whites are the best of the best and the Jews are the worst of the worst.”

The nazis just snapped their fingers and suddenly they could pretend that they went from last place to first. Easy peasy.

Racism Is An Admission That You Don’t Have The Talent To Make Yourself Superior

Today we’ve got another bunch of ordinary people trying to claim that they deserve a place at the front of the line that they aren’t smart enough or talented enough to earn with their own work, talent or intelligence.

Once you realize that, you understand that every “Thank God I’m White” t-shirt is an admission that “White skin is the only thing I’ve got, and I didn’t even earn that. I just happened to be born with it. Beyond that accident of birth, I’m out.”

–David Grace (www.DavidGraceAuthor.com)

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