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Ghana: The Problematic Colorism & Rudeness You Have To Deal With Because It’s Their ‘Culture’

Like extreme racism in America the colorists in Ghana want you to ignore them calling you white, darkie, blackie or saying dark skinned people are ugly.

TB Obwoge
Racism in Africa
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10 min readJun 25, 2021

Friday, 25 June 2021

By: TB Obwoge

Who would have thought an African country inviting Blacks from America has so many people that don’t know what the fuck a Black person looks like. Even though Ghana is home to so many lighter skin people, dark skin is more common but there are many shades in Ghana.

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When an American especially a Black American starts to investigate visiting or moving to an African country sometimes you run into articles that are biased. Many will want to call the words written within this article biased as well. You can take it any way you’d like.

I love to ask questions which is hard to do in a country that literally teaches it’s children not to question anyone older than them. It’s a form of disrespect but also many children are spanked for doing so. Another article I wrote in the past about not asking questions to gain knowledge. I wrote that article with the input of other Africans living in Kenya, Ghana, The Gambia, Nigeria as well as Togo.

I didn’t have a survey of the 1.3 billion people living on the African continent. Something a Ghanaian Nigerian doctor working at the DEL International Hospital in East, Legon Accra, seems to think I should do before writing about anything Africans or Ghanaians do.

He thinks that the statistics I quote are not enough or the people I ask for inout are not enough. Since I only asked 12 Ghanaian children & several adults plus watched a TED talk on the subject about asking questions of their parents, teachers or others. I’m currently working on a survey that will include over 10 thousand Africans.



TB Obwoge
Racism in Africa

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