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What’s Next After the Justice for the Victims of Lynching Act?

Hate crimes rise with gaps in justice.

Sam McKenzie Jr.
Dec 31, 2018 · 4 min read

On May 19, 1918, a horrific horde of white terrorists in the state of Georgia lynched and burned Mary Turner, 33. Mary Turner was pregnant, and no amount of time can ever dilute the bloodcurdling cruelty she faced.

Before the murder of Mary Turner and her child, the lynching of her husband outraged Mary Turner. She made her outrage known, and a white mob brutally killed her and her unborn baby.

Just one month before the savage murder of Mary Turner and her baby, Leonidas Dyer, a white Republican from St. Louis, Missouri, introduced the first anti-lynching bill to the House of Representatives on April 18, 1918.

White racism failed the bill over 200 times because of — white racism. Some legislators said a federal anti-lynching law would violate states' rights.


Now, a hundred years later, Congress will pass a law named the “Justice for the Victims of Lynching Act” to make lynching a federal hate crime.

The latest Act is a remorseful reckoning again. But the failure of Congress to act against every legal and lawless way of white supremacy was fatally negligent, and it still is today.

What other forms of justice is America delaying and denying right now?

White Supremacists Are Terrorists; Purge Them from the Ranks, and Cut Their Funding

White supremacists are the oldest terrorists in America: the US must name them as terrorists and terrorist organizations and cut off their funding.

Even the “lone actors” of white supremacy are really the deployed soldiers, who left the base, fully armed with training and their marching orders.

The US government should treat white supremacists like US persons who join and provide material support or resources to foreign terrorist organizations. Right now, that is a huge gap in justice.

White supremacists are in every sector of society. Congress, the F.B.I., the Department of Defense, and local police departments must purge white supremacists from their ranks for real justice.

Plus, on the money side, several white-supremacist groups are tax-exempt as they sort, share, and stack millions of dollars. In the name of “educating” the public, racists can deduct their racism on their taxes as a “charity.”

Cutting off the funding to white supremacists also means figuring out cryptocurrencies and the wallet providers, all of which are gaps in justice.

Give More Funds and Human Capital Where Needed

Breathing people deserve a government that will do what it takes to protect the living.

The Justice Department and the F.B.I. need more funding to train and hire more agents to tackle white-supremacist groups.

Congress also needs to pass more laws to combat white terrorism which means Congress must tackle the Trump administration.

For many years, the funding and the focus to combat white terrorism have never been what they should be for the mounting threat.

But the Trump administration has slashed the funding and the staff to counter white terrorism. The monocled cyclopes of the Trump administration mostly stare at Islamic terrorism.

The US has the money and the human capital to take on white-supremacist groups. The gaps in justice come from prejudice.

What is Congress allowing today that lets white supremacists kill people?

In March 2017, two lawmakers introduced the NO HATE Act to the House and the Senate. The act includes reforms and grant money for states.

The bills are still sitting.

Within the gap in justice, one white supremacist killed Vickie Lee Jones and Maurice Stallard at a Kroger grocery store, and another white supremacist slaughtered 11 people and wounded 6 people at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

White terrorists still murder and torture people because of the gaps in justice. The deadly list is long. The torture list is long. Both lists grow because America loves its freedom to hate.

Veterans aren’t the only ones who have died or will die for America’s freedoms. Innocent civilians have died and will die because of America’s freedoms.

For the marginalized, there are no bone-spur deferments in the war against white supremacy. Modern-day lynchings are real, and America must close the gaps in justice that allow them to continue too.

The federal government has had more gaps and lapses in justice than it has had gaps and lapses in funding. For too many people, the federal government has never fully opened.

As an imperfect union, in the future, America will need to apologize for its willful wrongs and take action again. By that time, like the Justice for the Victims of Lynching Act, justice will be late.

White supremacists are planning for a race war. For their victims, late justice is never justice. Nothing will make it better for them. The time to make it better is now because a gap in justice is an injustice.

Pick up the pace and — the slack.

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Racism governs the United States of America

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