Bombay Bassment, by Bombay Bassment

Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae, Drum & Bass — 2014

Bombay Bassment is an amazing hip-hop & funk band based in Mumbai, India. Why I specifically said Mumbai because this album has the feel of the nonstop Mumbai. If you experienced Mumbai before, you know how lovely it was. And this album reminds you of that experience. This collection is so colourful and high in energy. From the day I purchased this album, this became one of my all-time favourite from India. I love the drum, bass and scratching parts. This year they performed at Glastonbury festival with a line-up of Baaba Maal, Adele, Coldplay and many other artists. So don’t forget and listen. Let the vibe come in! And Don’t forget to visit Mumbai!

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