Dubnobasswithmyheadman, by Underworld

Electronic, Trance, Dub Techno, Downtempo, Progressive — 1993

A lot of people always have a misconception that techno music is full of bass, noise, mind traps and vertigo. Nowadays it’s true. But there is always a yin and yang, And dubnobasswithmyheadman is on the bright side. When you listen to this album, you will come to know what is a pioneered version of techno. This album is the first techno and third album by the Underworld. Still the date, it’s standing on top of best techno charts. By the beautiful composition, most of the critics rated the album between four and five stars. This is a suitable collection for dance floors. It’s very smokey in nature with good soft kicks, lot of atmospheric elements and fantastic synth. Highly Recommended! Don’t forget to listen to this album.

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