The First Time, by Jackie Chan

Mandopop, World, Regional — 1992

Life is better when you’re laughing! “The First Time” is the first album that I came to know about Jackie Chan’s singing career. Most of the people only know about Jackie Chan’s movie career. But it’s amazing to know that he also had a singing career and so far release 11 albums from 1984 to 2008. This album is the first complete Mandopop album Chan’s releasing. Before this album, all the 7 albums are mainly Japanese, English and Cantonese. When you listen to the songs on this album, it will remind you about the background score on Chan’s movie. In this proud moment, I am dedicating this album to all Jackie Chan fans. His life a reminder for us — “Work hard, rest will follow”. So don’t forget to listen to this album, it’s so romantic for the ears.

Listen Now: iTunes


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