Nepathya, by Nepathya

World, Pop, Rock, Folk Rock — 1991

Nepalako Aphnai Lali Gurans! The best band from Nepal. Nepathya always bundles the album with a different style of music. Their contribution to Nepal’s music culture is remarkable. From Pokhara to Wembley, Rock, Blues, Folk, joy, harmony — Nepathya is beautiful from its soul. Thank you Mr. Rabi C Shah (Salaam Saab) for introducing me to Nepathya. Don’t forget to listen to this album. And if you are in Nepal listen to this album with a beer in one hand and load Surya on the other. I am not promoting smoking and drinking. But those who do, They know it.

Listen now: iTunes, Spotify


This post is dedicated to My Nepalese Friends.
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