Vallavan, by Yogi B and Natchatra

Malaysian/Tamil Hip-Hop, Rap, Regional — 2006

Pakka Tamila Rhyme, Straight outta Soul! Vallavan is the number one Tamil hip hop album by Yogi B, Lockup Guna and Natchatra (Dr Burn and Emcee Jesz) that I ever heard in my life. With bursting rhymes, beats, Tamil movie dialogues sampling, scratching and unforgettable Tamil rapping they raised the bar of Tamil hip-hop to the next level. It’s so thankful that, the contribution made by them to the hip-hop culture in Tamil Nadu (a state in India) raised and influenced a lot of regional rappers to come to public. Whenever I suggest this album to people they don’t take it seriously. But once they give it a try, most of the people will get sold to the quality and standard of this album. So don’t forget to get the grip off Tamil hip-hop era.

Listen now: Itunes, Spotify


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