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DEFIHORSE NFT Sale on LaunchVerse: Announcement & Participation Details

The super-project attracting millions of event participants from Racers around the world officially opens the first round of NFT sale (INO). Ready to become the proud owner of the remarkable steeds?

1. About the DEFIHORSE NFT:

The DeFiHorse is a metaverse e-sport game based on Blockchain technology and NTFs, empowering the players and creators to the next level of the horse race.

Find more detail about the project here: https://rada.network/en/post/DeFiHorse-the-power-to-win-with-premium-gamefi-horse-racing-metaverse

💠 HEROIC: The incredible partner every hero needs to race to VICTORY, Heroic owns incomparable strength, an outstanding body composed of God-like muscle, and internal force from the Earth.

💠 With 3 different levels of rarity: Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare — Racers have the opportunity to unlock the greatest steed through Mystery Box.

2. About DEFIHORSE NFT Sale on LaunchVerse:

  • 300 Heroic Mystery Box 🎁
  • Sale start: 1 PM 27/02/2022 UTC
  • Location: Launchverse.io
  • Price: 1,000 BUSD/Heroic

3. How to participate:

  • Only whitelist winners will be eligible to join this sale: https://gleam.io/nrqHN/-whitelist-the-firstever-nft-sale-of-defihorse-
  • Whitelist time: 4 pm 19/02–4 pm 26/02 UTC
  • 300 slots, including:
    𓃗 250 randomly chosen slots.
    𓃗 50 guaranteed slots for Top 50 referrals
  • Each wallet can purchase only 1 box at a time and can purchase 5 times at the maximum.
  • Official website to claim will published later.
  • The first 1 hour of Heroic sales is only for whitelist winners. After an hour, the purchasing opportunity will expand to all racers for available boxes

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