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What will the upgraded version of GameFi be like?

In light of the recently announced partnership between RADA and The Parallel, RADA founder Hung Dinh has expressed his views on the recent booming trend of GameFi, and what’s to come for a maturing Blockchain market.


In the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency market, in addition to a fundamentally capable team, or an attractive business model, and a good technology foundation, the “market” (also known as the trend) is an extremely important factor for investors when considering an investment.

During the past months, RADA has considered accompanying many projects. And with the rise of the Play-to-Earn model, along with the evolution of NFT, the path of success for GameFi projects is clearer than ever.

Successful people often have a habit of predicting the future trend correctly, and for now the question is: what will happen after GameFi? And how GameFi will evolve to be able to survive in the blockchain market, are questions that everyone wants to find answers to, and RADA is no exception. Personally, the RADA team believes that it is MetaVerse.

Facebook has decided to transform itself into Meta(verse), Google and Microsoft both launched the first Metaverse products, which are great signs of a Metaverse era about to unfold.

With all the above reasons, in the process of contacting and selecting more than 50 GameFi titles, today I would like to introduce to Raders, one of the MetaVerse projects that RADA has selected to accompany — The Parallel.

The Parallel has a team of enthusiastic, capable and experienced people who have been through many Blockchain and GameFi projects. After more than 10 meetings, the Rada team has noticed and appreciated the high conviction and serious working attitude of a group of more than 50 members. RADA hopes that, after Axie, and more recently, Elemon, The Parallel has what it takes to become a craze coming from Vietnam and reaching out to the world in the Blockchain market.

The Parallel team is committed to building an ecosystem that is much more than a GameFi project: a Metaverse, a parallel world that will become mainstream in the years to come.

Let’s experience a completely new MetaVerse game concept — a parallel world at: https://theparallel.io/

In addition, as the official Launching Partner of Parallel, RADA will share investment opportunities with RADA members in the Private round, which is expected to be about 1000 private sales allocation slots.

Although the team also has an IMO (Initial Member Offering) plan, we still want to hear more ideas from the Raders so that we have a fair structure that provides opportunities for worthy people in the journey to conquer the Metaverse. We have over 30,000 members across all channels: FaceBook, Discord, Twitter, Email, Telegram and there will be a limit of only 1000 private tickets.

Stay tuned for next updates about The Parallel. Meanwhile, watch this short but impressive trailer about a parallel world, those who have been fans of Minecraft will surely feel more clearly.

Link to original post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rada.co/permalink/905451493742055


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