All the Apples you can Eat.

A poor man left his family and went out looking for work. He was so poor that his pockets had big holes in them. He was very hungry. He went to the finest house in town, thinking it wise to work for someone so wealthy. The poor man rang the shiny gold bell at the door of the big house. A handsomely dressed man answered. “Yes, what can I do for you?”

“I need a job,” the poor man said. “My family is hungry.”

The rich man rubbed the smooth skin on his chin. “I have a job for you. You can take care of my prize apple tree, then you and your family will have apples to eat. You will never be hungry again.”

“Thank you,” the poor man said.

The rich man snapped his fingers. “I have an even better idea! I have the perfect house for you. Your family can move in tomorrow.”

“Oh yes, thank you indeed!” the poor man said.

The next day the poor man moved his family into the new house. It was at the bottom of the hill far beneath the apple tree. Every day the poor man would climb the hill and tend the tree, a tree covered in hundreds of shiny red apples. It was his job to water, feed and prune the tree. It was also his job to knock off damaged apples that were stunted or stained. These tainted apples would roll down the hill, ending up at the door of the poor man’s house. By the time they reached it they were bruised and tattered.

One day, when he thought the rich man wasn’t looking, the poor man tossed two perfect apples down the hill. By the time they reached the bottom, even these were crushed beyond recognition. The rich man caught him doing this, and he said the poor man must leave, since he was clearly taking advantage of his big heart. The rich man’s neighbor’s all agreed with him, and they praised him not only for his generosity, but also for his good sense in dealing with someone so greedy.

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