Characters are such annoying little bastards.

Once created, they constantly whisper “Finish me.” Where do they come from? Are they from “out there,” or from “in here?”

In the observable universe ( I say observable because from here we can only see 13.7 billion light years of universe ) there’s more stars in the sky than grains of sand on all earth’s beaches combined. Recent estimates put the number of galaxies at about 400 billion ( observations from the Hubble telescope now estimate 2 trillion galaxies, but for now let’s be conservative ). Keeping the approximate number of stars in our galaxy at 400 billion, noting there are much larger galaxies out there, that means approximately 1 septillion stars, or a trillion trillion: 1 followed by 24 zeroes. Let’s assume four characters per star ( our star has 5 billion characters ) , and you can see that, just in the observable universe, every possible character already exists. All they have to do is call across the void to my page.

Moving on to quantum theory, in the weird world of particle physics quanta, or subatomic particles, exist only in groups, and these particles exist only when observed. These particles bump into other particles in the universe creating chaos from order. All the particles in each group are also entangled. If you tear the quantum particles apart, the energy needed to do so in turn creates more particles to maintain the number of particles in the original group, and again these new particles are entangled with the original particles. This is energy into matter, and it keeps happening. In the beginning is the word, and this word become flesh in the limitless universe. Characters keep popping up all over the cosmos, courtesy of me.