Radar Relay Regulatory Strategy

Insight into navigating blockchain regulations

The blockchain community is disruptive. Well, that’s an understatement. Our economic beliefs and hope for a decentralized future is more than disruptive, it’s transformative.

With this much passion and urgency for change it’s easy to overlook some of the fundamental mechanics of transformation. Transformation requires time, compromise, and a strategy. In other words, transformation means operating within the current regulatory reality and making gradual improvement.

Here at Radar Relay, we’re excited to model transformative behavior, not disruptive behavior. Our strategy starts with understanding and complying with regulation. We believe the regulatory landscape needs to evolve in tandem with the blockchain community. In fact, the only way to ensure the success of blockchain technology is to work together, shoulder to shoulder, with regulators.

While investigating our path forward, we discovered several regulators are active participants in the blockchain community and have a clear grasp of Radar Relay and its place in the ecosystem. In our discussions we weren’t surprised when some regulators even shared product ideas, business opportunities, and methods of compliance.

Regulatory Strategy

To model transformative behavior we’ve adopted a regulatory strategy we hope other companies will follow. We are U.S. citizens and Radar Relay is a U.S. based C Corp. The intellectual property lives here, in the U.S. with us, not hidden in a tax haven somewhere.

We’ve spent time with our legal team trying to understand where we stand with the SEC, FinCEN, CFTC, IRS, and state regulation. In short, at this stage, there is some ambiguity. However, despite the fact that there is uncertainty in the current regulatory landscape, our objective is to only include utility tokens and to exclude any tokens that may qualify as securities.

Therefore, token issuers must complete an onboarding process to list with Radar. We are not charging token issuers a fee to apply for our relayer. We are not charging six figures to buy a place on our platform. We are not taking ongoing fees. We are a real team, with real people, and we are trying to serve as a positive force of change and transformation for the blockchain community.

For token issuers who want to begin the onboarding process, please contact outreach@radarrelay.com.

Call to Action

To those of you innovating in the blockchain space consider working with a legal firm, talking to a regulator, or even spending time learning about the local and national rules that may affect you. A phenomenal free resource is Coin Center (don’t forget to donate!).