Radar Relay Side-by-Side: Centralized Exchanges

What makes us different.


Because Radar collects no personal information from our users, there’s little for hackers to acquire. Unlike a centralized exchange, we can’t turn new account registration off arbitrarily.

User Control

Maintaining custody of your tokens mitigates many of the risks of using a centralized exchange such as hacks, shutdowns, or withdrawal latency. Even if Radar disappeared you would maintain ownership of all your tokens. Users maintaining token custody also simplifies the process of token forks, contract updates, airdrops, and more.

Limits and Delays

Trading from your own wallet allows you to skip depositing and withdrawing. This means there are no deposit or withdrawal fees, limits, or delays. However, settlement times are reliant on the Ethereum network and gas fees are required for some actions.


Radar is built using the open order book strategy. This allows us to easily integrate with dApps, trading bots, relayers, and other 0x participants. This open system allows network effects to form around liquidity and utility that aren’t possible in a closed system.


Radar Relay puts the user in control by using the 0x protocol. We facilitate unlimited, accountless, wallet to wallet trading. This is possible because we are built on Ethereum. However, this has a few tradeoffs. Settlement times can be slow as they are based on blocktimes (15–30 seconds), there are no fiat pairs (USD, EUR, etc.), frontrunning is harder to prevent, and we can only support ERC-20 tokens.

Thankfully, each of these issues are being actively worked on:

Settlement times are improved through various scaling solutions such as Plasma, Cosmos, and Sharding.

Fiat pairs are unlikely to happen, instead we see stablecoins such as DAI becoming the low-volatility assets of choice.

Frontrunning is being worked on at the 0x protocol level as well as by each relayer being built.

Non ERC-20 tokens can be supported through cross chain support which is an additional part of Cosmos and other projects.

Join the next generation of exchange with unlimited, accountless, wallet to wallet trading on RadarRelay.com.