We’re ready! Let’s onboard the world to the token economy.

The Radar Relay beta is complete.

Radar Relay is a wallet-to-wallet trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens built on the 0x Protocol. We operate an order book and relay orders between peers without holding any assets in custody.

On September 2nd, 2017 Radar Relay launched on testnet and soon after, to the Ethereum mainnet. Since then we have been listening to your feedback and making improvements. We’ve also decided to continue without trading fees for now, as we further develop our product. Before we get into what the removal of the ‘beta’ label means, here are some stats from the last few months.

The Beta phase

Statistics from the beta

  • Completed over 35,000 trades
  • Over $150 million in trading volume
  • Trade size increased 280% month over month
  • Added more than 170 ERC20 tokens
  • Served up to 200,000 API requests per hour

What it means for you

During beta we received feedback about three main areas. Onboarding, Stability, and our API. This update brings improvements to each as well as the launch of our open source SDK.


Onboarding is the biggest challenge reported by our users. We define this as the steps a new user completes in order to start trading. In response to feedback, we’ve built an onboarding tool that guides you through connecting a wallet, wrapping ETH, and enabling tokens for trading.

People also asked for help understanding this new space, so we made educational sites such as Weth.io and wallet2wallet.io.


One of our internal conditions for ending the beta period was rock-solid stability. This has meant reviewing site performance, improving our incident response process, bolstering our infrastructure and the team that manages it, and battle-testing Radar Relay every way we could think of.


Automated traders are our most technical user group, and they asked for an improved API along with a toolkit to get them started. We built an API from the ground up to service the most sophisticated traders as well as an open source SDK.

Our new SDK reduces development overhead and offers the ability to connect without running your own node. This makes it easier to get straight to building. You can still choose to run your own node, if you prefer.

Along with our updated API and new SDK, we’ve released developers.radarrelay.com. This new site has all the tools and documentation you need to get going.

See the changes

Visit app.radarrelay.com/ to check out the changes and be one of the first people to use Version 1.0 of Radar Relay.

We are hiring

We’re making moves. Be a part of a talented group and help define the future of blockchain, apply at radarrelay.com/team.