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Jan 28 · 3 min read


Over the past 18 months, we’ve taken a product first approach by focusing on shipping velocity, talking to users, and iterating. Rewind to July of 2017 and we’re heads down, working on Relay. We think that if we can just launch sooner, if we can just ship faster, then certainly, users will migrate from centralized exchanges to our relayer.

Before we launch we have a team debate. Do we launch Radar as the parent company? Or, do we go to market as Radar Relay, and make the brand separation later? We decide that speed to market is paramount and launch as Radar Relay knowing we have brand debt to pay off.

Looking back, we made the right branding decision and 2018 was a remarkable year for us. But now, as our next product launch is right around the corner, it’s time to pay off our brand debt and elevate Radar to the parent brand. This separation ensures that as each new product joins the Radar family our core vision persists.

Radar Mission

We believe that agency is evenly distributed, but access to financial infrastructure is not. In other words, for many people around the world, our current financial system is closed for business. Yet, change is happening. You can feel our financial system changing as technology companies march against legacy financial services to open global access. Creative destruction is accelerating as digital assets, challenger banks, and mobile payments companies build a better, more inclusive financial system.

Radar’s mission is to build products for our next financial system.

What does this mean for Relay?

We believe decentralized exchange, the verb, is unstoppable. We believe in a world where orders fly without borders. However, we were a bit optimistic about the adoption curve of relayers. While Relay has managed to attract users in over 150 countries trading volumes are low. Regardless of how long it takes, we’re committed to Relay, and we will bend the adoption curve of decentralized exchange.

What does this mean for you?

Our old URLs for Relay ( and our developer site ( will remain fully functional but you’ll notice a redirect to a .Tech domain. Relay’s social channels for Email, Twitter, Telegram, and Medium will not change.

Our parent brand needs a home, a place where users can access our products, present, and future. Visit Radar.Tech, our new homepage, to navigate to products, access careers, or follow along with our educational content.

Thank you for following our evolution from a small product first startup to the launch of our parent company. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Visit us at Radar.Tech


Building products for our next financial system

Radar Relay

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A peer-to-peer trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens built on the 0x Protocol.



Building products for our next financial system

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