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Developer Tools and Lightning Hackathon

Let’s build some Lightning Apps

Apr 5, 2019 · 3 min read

Boltathon — Lightning Hackathon

We are excited to sponsor Boltathon, the world’s first online Lightning conference and hackathon!

Wherever you are, join us Friday, April 5th to Sunday, April 7th for web talks by ten top Lightning Network developers and a hackathon with over 0.6 BTC (over $2,500) in prizes!

Developer Tools

The Lightning Network is advancing rapidly and there are amazing app possibilities that have not yet been explored by developers.

To help you build amazing apps, we’ve collected helpful Lightning development tools in one place:

Lightning Tutorials

  • Node setup guides, including quick setup with Neutrino, BTCPayServer, and more

Open A Channel

  • The testnet version contains a Testnet faucet
  • Routing nodes to quickly connect you to the Lightning Network

Request A Channel

  • Request an inbound channel with our node(free for hackathon participants!) so your app can immediately accept payments

Invoice Playground

  • Lightning invoice sandbox to test sending and receiving payments

Invoice Decoder

  • The best Lightning invoice decoder on the web, with features such as linking to 1ML for the destination node, and times in human-readable formats such as 3 hours from now.

Developer Resources

  • Configuration guides for connecting to Tor and accessing unreleased LND features
  • Software recommendations to build on Lightning in your preferred programming language, from Python to PHP


We’ll be hanging out in the hackathon Slack to answer questions and to help you get set up, troubleshoot issues, and build great stuff.

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What Will You Build?

Automatic content payments, enhanced privacy with Tor, submarine swaps, hold invoices, noncustodial innovations, channel rebalancing, Sphinx Send, atomic swaps, universal login, monetized APIs, DIY Lightning appliances, the Neutrino Bitcoin light client, improved onboarding experiences, routing node management tools and network analytics, more complex contracts implemented within Lightning, better development, testing, and troubleshooting tools for Lightning applications…

Not to mention apps, games, and merchant integrations to get users spending (and earning) bitcoin!

Build a tool that you wish existed

  • Perform an innovative analysis or visualization of the Lightning Network!
  • Make a game of chance and experiment with provably-fair random number generation!
  • Contribute to a great open source Lightning app like Zap Wallet, Joule, or others in our devtools list.

Bonus points if you open source your work so that others can learn from it and contribute.

If you need more inspiration, check out our 10 days, 10 hackathon ideas on Twitter.

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Sign up for ION News to get technical breakdowns, devtool recommendations, and invites to beta test the latest in Lightning from Radar and other Lightning developers.

Sign Up Now

Hackathon entry is free — just a 100 satoshi Lightning payment — so you have nothing to lose.

Sign up and come hang out in the hackathon Slack to meet other Lightning enthusiasts, share app ideas, and see what you can build.

This is your chance to experiment with Lightning-powered development and catch up on the latest thinking from the people making Lightning possible.

You might even win some bitcoin in the process.

Hope to see you there!

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